7 Cool See-Through Bags and What Not To Keep In Them

See-through Bags are the “in” thing this season. SC lists the 7 that will instantly raise your chic quotient for the monsoons.

Wallbies Bag on StalkBuyLove.com (₹ 1,349)
Asos Clear Clutch on Asos.com (₹ 2,146)
See My Stache on StalkBuyLove.com (₹ 1,049)
Klear Klutch I See Right Through You on Asos.com (₹ 5,211)
Crystal Clear PVC Clutch on DoneByNone.com (₹ 1,599)
ANQI The Iggy on Facebook.com/BagsbyANQI (₹ 1500)

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