10 things you can do on Snapchat (but you probably didn’t know)

Snap and chat, but explore ‘Settings’ too!
Take embarrassing snaps of your buddies, spam the rest with it, but if you think your work ends there- prepare to discover the undiscovered. StyleCracker indulged in some Snapchat digging and came across features we never knew existed. 15 snapchat secrets you (probably) didn’t know about!
Change colours of individual alphabets.

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Snapchat has a new name (and a new product)

Just another affirmation that escaping a toneless rut and winning new verticals has always been the most imperative.
With a transparent aim of venturing into domains that go way beyond a seamless social media (video+image) chat, Snapchat has decided to rename itself to SNAP INC. But that’s not enough.

In an expansive market of wearable technology,

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