What Really Happens in Fashion Schools!

The truth of what really happens in a fashion college, finally revealed by StyleCracker!
All of us who’ve been to a fashion college can relate to our list of typical fashion school happenings! While short attendance, proxy submissions and teacher crushes are usual in all colleges, some things happen only in fashion design schools. Read on to find out if your fashion school experience was similar to our’s.

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Latest Happenings in the Fashion Sphere

Here’s what’s been cooking in the fashion world this past week.
Britney Spears is launching her own line of Lingerie this year. “The Intimate Britney Spears”, hitting the shelves during New York Fashion Week in September, will be sold at over 180 stores worldwide. Read More Here.

Christophe Lemaire is leaving Hermes after the Spring ’15 collection rolls out in Paris.

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