Trend alert: Kimono

It’s not just for the geisha’s anymore, this trend has transcended from being a costume to a must-have jacket staple! Ahead, we explore the kimono’s countless style possibilities that don’t require a hand fan or white make-up.

We’ve been struggling with the transition from bleak skies to tropical heatwave, summer work-wear is always a conundrum.

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Why we love Olivia Palermo

The American socialite has been our go-to diva for stealing style for a long time now. She can carry off her high-street as remarkably as she would the designer brands. We are utterly besotted with the self-proclaimed “Zara fan” who is no stranger to high-street brands like, ASOS, Topshop and Mango – one of the reasons why we love her even more.  

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Style Evolution: Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha has risen to fame since her debut in 2010 and with the rise in her stardom, her style quotient has also transformed. Her style works for her curvaceous figure; revolving around evocative years of Bollywood – mostly around the fifties and sixties. But, now with her new, bold look she has gone on to shed off that peg of the traditional woman and taken on a new cutting-edge avatar.

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5 stylish reasons why dusky girls do it better

Naturally bronzed belles of India, consider this is our stylish love letter to you! Ahead, we give your some convincingly chic reasons why ‘you’ do it better.
1. Beyond pale

From whites to pretty pastels, bronzed belles instantly gain an ethereal look when seen opting for these fresh hues.

Since pastel manages to make its way onto the summer runways each season,

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Styles to Take you from AM to PM

With crazy long schedules like ours, who has the time for a complete change of clothes before heading out after work? SC shows you how to effortlessly tweak your looks to take it from 9am to 9pm.
A tie-up blouse – Is an absolute must-have for your formal wardrobe. It is truly timeless, because not only does it look great at every age but also complements every body type!

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