Six Times Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz were STYLE SISTERS

Fresh-faced and fabulous!
Hollywood-twinning isn’t that easy! Slender limbs and super-chic fashion- Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz are anything but basic. Churning out lessons on Parisian-cool dressing, here are six times they stepped out, slayed and looked like style sisters!
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How To Wear Whites This Monsoon

With great repetition, it has been engraved in our minds that wearing whites in monsoon is  big No! No! But, what if we told you that there were ways you could rock this serene colour in the torrid rains. We are here to give you tips to wear white this season
Skate It

Try thick cotton skater dresses and and even if you choose to wear dresses with lace accents or sheer white tops don’t forget to layer them.

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Summer In Style: SC’s picks for this Summer

It seems like only yesterday us Bombayites were excitedly shopping for superfluous winter wear wardrobe… because winter here really was as long as yesterday. But it’s that time of year again when the mere touch of anything remotely fabric to skin makes you break into a sweat; team SC went ahead and picked out a few chic summer trends that will give you more than a reason to put something on your back every sweltering hot morning.

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