Flashback: 22nd May, 2009.  Rohan was shooting a fashion story for L’Officiel with model Jyothsna Chakravarthy. A bundle of nerves, he was stressed and very nervous, “ I didn’t know what I was doing, it was a 13 change shoot and L’Officiel was a big deal.” Needless to say he aced the shoot.


It’s been 5 years and gone is the scared nervous beginner. In his place stands a confident photographer who is sure of his craft and isn’t afraid to experiment. Take for example the shoot for Filmfare with Ranbir Kapoor. Recreating a 1960 library, the shoot was done with cinema lights and a film crew, which allowed Rohan to capture a more subdued side of the actor.




Incidentally, he ranks this as one of his memorable shoots. The others include Sonam Kapoor shaving—she is open to any idea and doesn’t always want to do pretty shoots according to him—Varun Dhawan for GQ, Ranveer Singh for Noblesse and Chitrangada Singh for Grazia, shot in Mauritius. These might go down in the annals of photography for their artistic appeal, but Rohan has a different  viewpoint. “ I feel that art has gone commercial. The moment you start thinking about what this picture will do for you in terms of fame, fortune, etc., I think you loose the sense of art.  You shoot from the soul; free of anything that ties you down.”


He might be the son of a famous photographer but that doesn’t mean that he feels his talent is inherited. “Photography is the art of light, its how you play with the light.  Photographers are a platform for other people to visualise an opinion, so as a photographer you have to have as sense of responsibility towards the viewer. Take the example of a Time magazine cover, it can change the opinion of viewers world over,” he says. Starting out shooting travel, Rohan still loves the panorama of wide open spaces and takes off every three to four months to travel and shoot.


To add to his credentials, Rohan recently completed a course at the New York Film Academy and is all set to go back soon. We can’t wait for the next chapter in his career!

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