Talent Watch : Celina and Eric

We recently did a shoot with make-up and hair experts Celina Rajamanickam and Eric Vandeweyer, and needless to say their talent amazed us. The duo has worked on a lot of shoots but are still waiting for their biggest assignment that will challenge their skills and creativity. But in the meantime we managed to get the globetrotters to give us some stellar make-up and hair advice!





Where did you learn the art?

Both of us have our professional make-up certification/license from Europe and our hairdressing certification from B:Blunt Mumbai.  Apart from this we have participated in several workshops and trainings from renowned institutes that are experts in the hair and make-up industry.  We also do a lot of research and self-learning. We have a massive collection of books and we constantly update ourselves on trends and new products. Learning happens everywhere—consciously or subconsciously!


What is your biggest motivation?

Recognition for our work! It is the most satisfying and the biggest motivating factor! Nothing feels better than a client saying “I love it” or “looks great” or just “wow”!


Style Icons?

Celina: Anna Wintour

Eric: Steven Tyler



Tips for different face structures?

An oval face is considered to be the ideal face shape—not that other face shapes are any less or more appealing! So playing with shadow (contouring) and light (highlighting) will help transforming any face shape to look as close to an oval face shape as possible. Contour areas which you want to recede and highlight areas that you want to bring out. Example: Using a foundation/compact which is a tone or two darker than your skin tone at an angle starting from the corner of the top of the ear and following your cheekbone and blending to create a soft shadow will give an illusion of slim cheek and high cheekbones. If you have a prominent forehead, shading around the hairline on the forehead will help recede the perimeter and create a smaller looking forehead.


Must have products

Make-up: A good moisturiser based on your skin type or a beauty balm (BB cream), a lip colour or stain that compliments your complexion, mascara, kohl, blush, bronzer and a compact foundation/powder.

Hair: A multi-functional serum and a rinse-out conditioner.


One beauty and hair do

Make-up tip: Always cleanse your face and moisturise it generously before applying make-up. It makes a positive difference to the appearance of your skin and will make it look fresh, radiant and healthier!

Hair tip: Always use a conditioner after you shampoo, no matter what your hair type. Shampoo has cleansing agents that open up the cuticles to remove grime, dust and residue and if the cuticles are not closed, hair will get dry, rough and dull. Conditioner contains polymers, silicones and surfactants that create a thin coating on the hair and thus seal the cuticles locking in moisture and nutrients and leaving hair soft and shiny.


One Don’t

Make-up tip: Never go to bed with makeup on! It will clog your pores and cause breakouts—not healthy for your skin at all!

Hair tip: Don’t use heating elements on your hair without applying a heat-protective product. If extremely high temperature is applied on hair without any protective barrier, hair will get sensitized, damaged and will become weak and eventually break.