If you could talk to your pillow, what would you say to it?

There is no love that’s as true as that of your own bed, blanket and pillow. Be it your world turning upside down, your food having extra salt or your annoying boss making you work for extra hours; if you can trust one thing to be an instant mood-lifter and make things better, it’s got to be your very own comforting space.

All your arguments are invalid once you’ve snuggled in your blanket and resting your head and thoughts on your pillow.

But what if you could pour your heart out to your pillow, what would you say to it? We spoke to a few people and here are some interesting confessions they’d happily make to their pillows:

Miss ‘I-want-it-my-way’- 25
“Be fluffy, please?”
fluffy - mashable

Miss Impatient – 24
“Avoid those unnecessary thoughts and put me to sleep already.”
unnecessary thoughts - ixdaily

Miss Romantic – 31
“Be by my side always.”
romantic tumblr_inline_nj9l7zMBsA1rkygkg

Miss Professional – 24
“You’re my stress buster! What would I do without you?”
stressbuster tumblr_meq4hs0zyK1rqniry

Miss Fragile – 23
“Be gentle to my hair.”
good to be hair tumblr_inline_mreb7s8Ho51qz4rgp

Miss Pampered Princess – 28
Comfort me. Hold me. Put me to sleep.
hold tumblr_mx1jorBORW1si5c29o1_500

Miss Dreamy – 24
“Been longing to meet you all day.”
Been longing to meet you - reactiongifs

Miss Inquisitive26
“Look and concentrate on all my dreams at night and narrate it to me every morning.”
dream giphy-5

Miss Candid – 24
“Sorry for all the spit, bro. I love you, though.”
Spit tumblr_inline_nxy2xeJEeT1rn347n_500

Mr. Hopeful – 41
“Hopefully, I find money under you in the morning!”
money rich-dream-tom-and-jerry


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