Tan-away – how to keep your skin soft and oh-so-smooth

Smooth skin in six steps!

You know when you shave your legs and you’re constantly asking your friends to touch your skin because it’s so soft? Totally not weird, but we do too. So here’s how to achieve smooth skin like that, 24/7.


1. Everyday, I’m moisturisin’

Smooth skin ain’t a one-day miracle, people! You have to build a consistent routine, and religiously dedicate yourself to it every single day. We recommend using specific products for the night and morning so that you’re energised when you wake up, but relaxed when you’re heading to bed.


2. Scrub-a-dub-dub 

Your face and body regenerate its skin way quicker than you would think. And what does that mean? Lots and lots of dead skin. Super gross, but don’t worry! Frequent exfoliation will help you scrub away any impurities and build-up, so grab those body scrubs and get buffing.


3. Mask it up

After some deep scrubbing, it’s important to add moisture back into your skin. The best way to do that is with some fun masks – it’s like a spa day, but at home. Whether your prefer peel-off or sheet masks, there’s always one out there that you’re bound to love.


4. Well-oiled machine

If masks aren’t quite your thing, you can always find the perfect oil for you to use as an all-over or spot treatment. Yes, even if you have oily skin, there is still an essential oil that can clear up your face. As your face over-produces oil because of a lack of moisture, it’s important to add some to your daily routine. And because we know how important they are, we have an entire post about them right here.


5. When it’s sunny, sunny, sunny

We all know how important an SPF foundation and sunscreen are during the summertime. The sun, heat, and humidity cause a variety of skin problems and sunscreen is the best way to prevent them. If you’ve been using a normal cream one, try using a gel or liquid one instead. They absorb into your skin more quickly and are more lightweight, which means your skin doesn’t turn into a sweaty oil slick once you’ve spent a few minutes under the sun. Welcome to the future, ladies. You’re welcome.


6. It’s summertime, baby

If you switch up your wardrobe for the different seasons, you should probably do the same for your skincare products. Summertime calls for more cleansing face-washes and lighter moisturisers. As much as we’ve been told experimentation can lead to more break-outs, our skin can actually become accustomed to using the same products over a period of time, making them ineffective in the long-run. So try out something new this summer!




IMAGE COURTESY: Drnatashaturner.com





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