Ten Iconic Pictures of Kate Moss!

As one of the most important supermodels of our times, Kate Moss has lead the style brigade for over two and a half decades. StyleCracker celebrates her 42nd birthday with some of her most memorable and iconic images. 

 2 _ first vogue cover

Her first cover of British Vogue by model-turned-photographer Corinne Day!


With Naomi Campbell at the Hilton hotel in London!

3_ famous early pictures for Under Cover

One of the most famous early pictures of Kate, appeared in ‘Under Exposure by Corinne Day’ in

the June 1993 issue of Vogue Magazine!

5 _ Kate Moss

The cover girl of choice for Playboy’s big January/February issue 2014!

7_ Kate Moss

In the year 1999, Burberry re-launched itself with ads featuring Kate Moss, and the rest is history.

8_ Kate Moss

After being fired from Chanel and a bunch of other brands, Moss was back as the face of Versace in the year 2006!

11_ Kate Moss

At the CFDA Awards in 2005, wearing a lace-panelled Christian Dior dress, before winning the award for Fashion Inspiration!


At her wedding, in a dress by designer John Galliano!

13_Kate Moss

At London Fashion Week in 2012, wearing a Stella McCartney dress!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.41.09 PM

In the year 1992 when she signed an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein!