Ten Most Popular Hangout Places For College Students In Pune

Rightly known as the Oxford of the east, the educational hub of Pune is home to quite an enthusiastic bunch of youths from across the country. Having said that, Pune also does not lag behind when it comes to fun, food and entertainment for these college-going youngsters.  Good climate, better food and best hangout places make this city amongst one of the very favorites amongst students. What is college life without escaping a few lectures and hanging out with your college friends? We bring to you ten most popular places for college students to hangout in Pune.

By Sonia Bhosle

1. Vaishali

Set in the heart of the city, this South-Indian Speciality restaurant is a place which attracts most of the college students on a daily basis.


  1. Café Goodluck

This authentic Parsi food joint is filled with the college crowd cause of it’s inexpensive rates and delectable food.




  1. C.C canteen.

The NCC canteen located next to the symbiosis College Pune is so famous that “Chandu” as is fondly known is the students’ favorite waiter at this hub of college students chilling, gossiping and hanging around with friends.



  1. Gamers Anonymous (GA)

The cyber gaming zone and Pool hall at the gamer’s anonymous Pune makes it one of the most visited places by the college-ers.


  1. Pune Baking & Co. (PBC)

Lovely breeze and the best desserts at PBC, J.W Marriott Pune, is a fancy yet frequent hangout hub of college students.


  1. High Spirits

Music, art and culture, High Spirits at Koregaon Park Pune is a host to one of the quirkiest and vibrant events enjoyed most by the college students.


  1. Hoppipola, all day bar & bonhomie, Aundh.

Happy at “hoppi” is every college student’s state here.  Drinks , music and games , who wouldn’t want to come here with friends?


  1. German Bakery Wunderbar.

Coolers, cocktails and college students! German bakery wunderbar is a popular hangout place known for delicious food, lovely ambience and mouth savoring desserts.




  1. Phoenix market city, Viman Nagar.

Students love coming to the mall with their friends. Bowling arena, lounges, cafes and shopping centre sums up all the reasons why college students love it.


  1. East street café, Camp.

The London themed ambience, variety of cuisines and drinks served here, make it a famous place amongst all the college students.