StyleCracker Borough, Pune was a huge success and we would like to thank you everyone who supported us. We chatted with bloggers The Bausgirl – Radhika Sharma and Aleena Mackar from The Style Chair who took time out from their schedule to attend StyleCracker Borough, Pune.  Here’s what we learnt about these two energetic and enterprising young ladies.

Radhika Sharma has been a media professional for 10 years has dedicated her blog to Pune. Here’s what she thinks of her favourite Indian city –

SC: You moved from Mumbai to Pune. What was the biggest difference between Bombay-ites and Pune-ites?
Radhika Sharma: Pune-ites are way more chilled out per-se. And also very outgoing. Mumbaites are wasting time on travelling in the city, pity they can’t enjoy life as much!

SC: Which are your favourite restaurants in Mumbai for comfort food? And in Pune?
RS: Mumbai- it was this place called Masala Kraft in BKC. In Pune, it’s Wah Marathi, Incognito and Euriska.

SC: How would you describe your ultimate meal?
I like mild solid flavours. For me an ultimate meal is fresh, cheesy, full of simple flavours and lots of veggies and rice! I am a Tamilian – we can’t live without our rice!

SC: Which are the coolest places to hang out in Pune?
Hard Rock Cafe, Swig, Incognito,and Arthur’s Theme.

SC: In one line describe a typical Pune girl.
Full of life!

SC: What’s on your playlist right now?
Mihalis Sarfas- a Greek Deep House DJ.”

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Aleena Mackar from The Style Chair is a born fashionista and make-up junkie! Grab a pen and a paper to note down some cool tips and tricks given by her!

SC: Tell us a little bit about your personal style.
It’s all about being original and unique. I believe in starting trends or personalising trends and not just blindly coping trends. I am influenced by vintage fashion. Like I almost find it a crime to wear a pair of yellow pants in the winters. My recent obsession is mixing prints and adding a sporty touch.

SC: When and how did you decide to become a blogger?
AM: I wanted to inspire girls with my sense of style and post informative pieces about latest trends in the world of fashion and beauty instead of just aimlessly posting OOTD images. The Style Chair Blog came into existence from May 2014.

SC: What is your advice to young, budding bloggers?
There are alot of aspiring bloggers out there would be to take blogging up seriously and not just a medium to show off outfits. Maintain the two main C’s of blogging that is content and consistency and work hard to achieve your goal.

SC: What are some of your favourite hair and make-up trends from this season?
Have been crushing on Balayage hair and reds for hair colour. For makeup, Bordeaux lips are my current love.

SC: Who is your beauty idol in India and why?
Definitely my mother because beauty to me is more of the soul and fashion is how you dress it!

SC: What is the one make-up product you swear by?
POREfection which is the primer by Benefit! I have oily skin and enlarged pores and this literally works like magic!

SC:Can you give our readers three easy make-up tricks that they can use on a daily basis?
Whenever you feel your face looks dull or you are hung-over use white eyeliner on the waterline to give that fresh look. Use a dry shampoo for those times your hair get flat or greasy and you cannot wash them. Apply a lip liner of the same shade on the whole of the lip and then apply lipstick. This way the lipstick doesn’t come off as fast.

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