The Coolest Hello Kitty Items To Have in Your Closet!

Ok, so you know how our minds were blown early in the morning when the first thing we read on our news feed was that major cult icon Hello Kitty is not, in fact, a kitty at all! Yes, the most shocking piece of news that has the world gasping with disbelief is that Hello Kitty is not cat, but a cartoon of a girl!

Apparently, Hello Kitty is a British girl Kitty White, a perpetual third-grader, who has a twin sister and a cat and lives with her parents just outside London, confirmed Sanrio (the company that owns Hello Kitty).

So, turns out Hello Kitty is just like Mickey Mouse, who’s not really a mouse but a human boy (what mouse owns a human house and a pet dog?!).

In order to celebrate this happy (not to mention jaw-dropping) realization, SC handpicked the coolest Hello Kitty fashion items that you need to have in your closet right now!

Hello Kitty Cross Body Bag. This bag is the height of boho chic garnished with the utter cuteness of Hello Kitty. It’s a versatile accessory that will add “cool” to any outfit. Buy it HERE.

1Hello Kitty Mini Backpack. Who doesn’t love a quilted mini backpack that has Kitty’s expressionless face on it? It’s a super-stylish bag that’ll carry all your essentials and work really well with most casual outfits. Check it out HERE.



Vans Authentic Hello Kitty Trainers. Trainers, love! Hello Kitty, L-O-V-E! Put them together and you have the ultimate casual shoes. Wear them with a full midi skirt for a dash of edge. You can buy these babies HERE.



Hello Kitty Embossed Boho Wallet. This lovely wallet has Hello Kitty featured as a tribal girl with feathers and flowers in place of her trademark bow. Buy it HERE.



Hello Kitty Mesh Bracelet Watch. It has Hello Kitty’s head for a dial! The definition of cute, this watch is the chicest (and quite affordable) way to tell the time. You can buy it HERE.



Hello Kitty Muscle Tee from Forever21. This stylish graphic tee is a nice option for those who love to dress sporty. Pair it with a distressed boyfriend jeans for a relaxed day look. Throw on a crisp white blazer for a night look. Buy it HERE.



Hello Kitty Crop Top. Crop tops are ‘in’ big time right now. If there’s a correct moment to go for the bare midriff look, it’s this season! Wear this super-cute Hello Kitty crop top from Forever21 with a pair of denim dungarees or a chic full skirt. You can buy it HERE.



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