The Easy Twist – 3 simple ways to Braid your Hair


Running to the salon just before a party to get that perfect hair-do?
We are here to help you Do- It- Yourself!



A side fishtail braid is an easy to-do and amazing combination with a backless outfit.

STEP 1- Part your hair into two even sections.
STEP 2- Take a thin strand of hair from one section and bring it over to the other side (Pick the strand from underneath for a neater look).
STEP 3- Do the same from the other section as well.
STEP 4- Repeat steps 2 & 3 and knot it up and you’re ready!

SC Tip: Add a strand of yellow, pink or blue yarn to the braid for a funkier mane.





Get the bohemian look by creating a braided hairband in minutes.

STEP 1- Section your hair into an extreme side parting.
STEP 2- Pick a strand from the heavier side of the parting and braid it up.
STEP 3- Secure the braid with a tiny rubber band or clip.
STEP 4- Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 a little behind the first braid.
STEP 5- Repeat all the above steps to make as many braids as you like.
STEP 6- When done braiding, use bobby pins to wrap them around. Make sure you’ve pinned it down low to give it a tiara-like feel.

SC Tip: For a more casual look leave a few strands in the front before you start braiding.



Popularized by Blair from Gossip Girl, this hair-do can add that extra oomph to any evening look.

STEP 1- Slide a stretch hairband around the crown of your head.
STEP 2- Starting from one side of your head, pull your hair in small sections and tuck it through the hairband so that it falls back down neatly.
STEP 3- Continue this throughout the back of your head and play with sizes of sections as per your wish.
STEP 4- You can now choose to leave the bottom hair loose or tuck it up and around by following step 2 again.
STEP 5- Pin it up neatly with bobby pins and set the crowd ablaze.

SC Tip: Spray your hair with a good hair-product so the chignon stays on through the night. You can add little pins with rhinestone designs to make the look dressy.

With these quick & easy DIY hair-dos you are sure to get heads turning!

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