The Fragrance Brand You’re About To Fall In Love With

When picking up a present for a loved one, the idea is for it to have a story. Something personal, something they’ll love every time they see it. A Fragrance Story is a brand that provides just that. A memory enclosed in the form of a scent. Established in 2013, their fragrances “start with the aroma, flirt with your memories, and find a place to settle down in your heart.” If that isn’t the perfect present, we don’t know what is!

Their best selling products are a range of fragrances inspired by Indian destinations. Take Goa Com Amor for instance. The scent instantly transports you to the beach with its blend of aquatic plants, tropical fruits and floral notes over a warm base of white musk and Amber.

Darjeeling is a fresh smelling scent. It’s unisex and is made of Bergamot, green tea and Vetyvert which keeps it smelling green.

They also have scents such as Pink City, Ladakh and Himalayan Adventure. All feel like you’re standing in these beautiful spots once you’ve spritzed them on.

Bajirao and Mastani are their limited edition fragrances. Like their names suggest, they’re ideal for gifting this Valentine’s Day.

Their gift sets make gifting easy all year round and their website is a must-visit if you’re ever looking for a memorable present.

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