The Last Two Days At Lakmé Fashion Week Were Glamorous AF!

A majority of the first three days at Lakmé Fashion Week was all about simple, easy-to-wear silhouettes in light fabrics – all perfect for your summer wardrobe. But the last two days took a 180 degree turn. Yes the clothes were still summer-appropriate, but the embroidery got heavier and suddenly you were left craving a new festive wardrobe for the summer too.

We’ll let these photos explain what went down…

Anushree Reddy and SVA came through with outfits for both wedding attendees as well as brides.

A fresh faced and bright eyed Disha Patani closed the show in gorgeous ruffles for Shriya Som (the perfect outfit for a wedding cocktail).

Payal Singhal’s collection came full of sparkling embroidery and dangling tassel work while Sushmita Sen looked like the epitome of gorgeousness as Kotwara’s showstopper.

Day 4 ended with Shantanu & Nikhil’s exaggerated silhouettes and a very dapper Saif Ali Khan walking down the runway.

Moving on to day 5, Ridhi Mehra and Jayanti Reddy brought on feathers, ruffles and tassel details you couldn’t help but love.

Shyamal & Bhumika gave us pieces for both the bride and groom, all summer-appropriate and elegantly embroidered. Narendra Kumar was one of the few who presented athleisure this season (is the trend finally fading?) and left us grooving to his runway tunes.

And finally, everyone moved to Bandra Fort to witness Anamika Khanna’s ready-to-wear pieces, which took our breath away. Lakmé Fashion Week fixture, Kareena Kapoor Khan closed the show looking, well, you don’t need us to tell you, see for yourself!

Until next season y’all!

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