The New Sari Rule Book

By Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. The expert couturiers give us a masterclass on how to rock the drape circa 2015.

Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani

“In our thoughts, a sari is eternally chic and the ultimate style statement. We are passionate about our saris and they are core to both our inspiration and our creative expression from the time we began designing 28 long years ago,” say Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla on the sari and it’s evolution over the years. Take notes girls, this is expert advice straight from the pros.

Tabu in AJSK (2)

RULE 1: “Like clay is to the artist, a sari is to fashion. It is a single piece of cloth that can be draped in a hundred different ways. The same sari can take you from CEO to sensual Goddess in a matter of minutes depending on how you drape, style and accessorise it.”


RULE 2: “A sari is the best investment ever. It can be worn time and again by the same woman and handed down like a precious heirloom to another. But quality is key. Buy the finest you can afford. Fabulous fabrics drape beautifully. Whether it is the stark simplicity of kerala cotton, the richness of a Benaras brocade, the sumptuousness of silk or the slinkiness of an Italian georgette or French chiffon…Always go for the best.”


RULE 3: “You can breathe new life and attitude into a traditional sari by teaming it with a stylised, couture blouse. A gold and silver sequinned blouse with a kanjeevaram for example is fab.”

Deepika Padukone in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla


Sonam Kapoor in Cannes wearing Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

RULE 4: “Sometimes neutrals work best. Take a cue from the ethereal Deepika Padukone or the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor who went for understated glamour and elegance with white, cream and beige.”

Sonam Kapoor in AJSK

RULE 5: “Your choice of blouse should compliment the sari itself, your body and your personality. Highlight your beautiful bits. A gorgeous backless choli flatters a toned back, a risque, deep décolletage flatters your curves and gives you the appearance of a longer neck. A halter or cap sleeves are perfect to show off those pilates arms and shoulders.”

Tabu in AJSK at Screen Awards

RULE 6: “A sari works for every woman no matter what her shape, signature style or personality. It can be fashioned to conceal what you’d rather hide and at the same time unleash the magic of your curves and distinctive individuality. No two women look the same in the one sari because it possesses the miraculous ability to take on the personality and body of its wearer. So remember, if you’re stealing a vintage silk out of your mom’s closet its going to look totally different on you than it does on her.”

Sonam Kapoor

RULE 7: “A lavishly embroidered or heavily embellished blouse paired with a slinky, simple sari is devastatingly sexy.”



Anushka sharma in AJSK 2

RULE 8: “There is a sari for every mood and occasion. Trends come and go but a classic will always be in style. Trendy is always fun, play with contrast colours and fabrics, experiment with new drapes, dress it up with fab jewellery from costume and antique silver to jadau and diamonds.”