The New Work Wardrobe



It’s never easy deciding what to wear for work. A few basic investments and some great combinations help you sail through those weekdays looking effortlessly stylish. Take a dekko at these looks and you’ll know how to whip up a fabulous look in no time.


Look 1:

The skirt suit commands attention. Move away from the basics or the predictable and work a print on stripes like this look in monochrome. A skirt suit is ideal for those power-packed board meetings you’re stuck at all day.

Look 1:

1. Two tone check jacket, Zara, Rs 4,790

2. Polo shirt, Zara, Rs. 1,290

3. Pinstripe skirt, Zara, Rs. 1,790

4. Studded red bag, Mango, Rs. 2,990

5. Black stilettos, Steve Madden @Yebhi, Rs. 3,999


Look 2:

The new short suit is all the rage at the moment. Shorts are no more meant for lounging around and can be worn with all that corporate flair. Take a serious looking pair, team it with a shirt and a cropped jacket and you’ve got yourself a very stylish and business like ensemble. Keep in mind that when you attempt this look, hot pants, denim shorts, summer shorts and printed shorts are not an option. Keep it short but classy.

Look 2:

1. Blazer, Zara, Rs. 3,590

2. Formal shirt, Forever New, Rs. 3,400

3. Tuxedo shorts, Forever New, Rs. 2,200

4. Bow pearl drop studs, Forever New, Rs. 500

5. Mesh shoes, Madame, Rs. 2,295


Look 3:

The midi skirt has never looked better than it does when paired with a formal shirt. The flattering length of the skirt teamed with an officious shirt is not just stylish but also spot-on trendy. This look is extremely chic and works well for the office. A great pair of shoes, a smart bag and a simple accessory completes this look beautifully.

Look 3:

1. Salmon shirt, Zara, Rs. 2,290

2. Floral midi skirt, Mango, Rs. 1,990

3. Necklace, Buzzaria, Price on request

4. Tote bag, Mango, Rs. 4,590

5.  Nude stilettos, Sant Beige @Yebhi, Rs. 2,499


Look 4:

The quintessential pant suit has taken the new work wear wardrobe by storm. Own a pair or be square is the mantra of the moment. The pant suit says I-mean-business pretty much like nothing else. Wear one that fits well and add an element of fun with a quirky or ethnic pair of earrings or an eccentric belt. You can mean business with a little bit of style too.

Look 4:

1. Check flowy shirt, Mango, Rs. 2,990

2. Blazer, Zara, Rs. 3,590

3. Cropped trousers, Zara, Rs. 2,290

4. Earrings, Buzarria, Price on request

5. Block heel ballerinas, Zara, Rs. 1,290


Look 5:

The formal dress is eternally stylish and never fails to reappear year after year in the work wear wardrobe. Take the time though to sift through the regular fare and opt for something a little more chic. Add some colour or drama by throwing this overcoat on top or sporting a pair of court shoes to boast of vintage chic.

Look 5:

1. Yellow overcoat, Yebhi, Rs. 2,360

2. Golden button studs, Forever New, Rs. 200

3. Croc-effect bag, Mango, Rs, 4,590

4. Check shift dress, Zara, Rs. 1,990

5. Court shoes, Zara, Rs. 3,590

 Work wear just became more stylish for you, so get out there and demand that attention. For more tips on the new work wear trends, Sign up and ask our stylists NOW!