The Only Makeup Products Your Summer Look Needs

Let’s see, the sun, sweat and stickiness – these are three things you get a ton of during the summer months. What does it mean for your makeup? Well however heavy-duty it might be, your makeup is bound to melt right off your face if you’re out in the open for too long. Which is why, the one basic rule for summer is go foundation-free!

Let your skin shine through and give it that much-needed break. So what can you use during these hot summer months? We picked out four products from MyGlamm that are more than enough to get you through.

PSA: The best part of all their products is that they’re multifunctional. You can always use them in more than one or two ways and that’s really what every girl wishes for when it comes to makeup.

Powder Magic

Use it as a liner or as an eyeshadow, it does both and so well!

Threesome Mascara

Every girl needs a mascara that not only lifts, but adds volume and length to your lashes. This is it!

Perfect Curves

Long-lasting enough to be your all-day lipstick and moist enough to wear as lip balm – the intensity levels of this one are totally adjustable


This baby hasn’t launched yet but it’s coming sooner than you think! Add some highlight to the high points of your face with this high-shine strobe liquid.

You can find MyGlamm at the StyleCracker Night Market today and tomorrow, Khar Gymkhana, 4pm to midnight!