The Raw Challenge

Fashion Week has taken its toll on us especially with all the crazy hours and food on the go. So we decided to give our body a rest and try the popular RAW Pressery Cleanse.  RAW Pressery is possibly the first brand to introduce cold pressed juice to the Indian market, a technology that allows the juice to retain all the nutrients and enzymes.  They offer a one day and a three day cleanse with 6 chronologically labeled bottles of juice. Designed by expert nutritionist to replace solid food, the package meets the daily requirements and adds anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals.  We tested the one-day and the three day cleanse and yes, it was an experience like no other!


The daily 6 juices:

1.Trim: Kale, spinach, doodhi, cucumber, amla, celery, green apple, ginger and lemon.

2.Run: Pineapple, pear and chia seeds.

3.Flush: Apple, beet, carrot, ginger and lemon.

4.Shield: Bell pepper, tomato, carrot, celery, ginger and lemon.

5.Glow: Cucumber, coconut water, pineapple, aloe vera, mint and lemon.

6.Build: Almonds, dates, vanilla bean, nutmeg, cinnamon and pure water.



Challenge: Three day cleanse

By Heta Bhuta

With all the junk I’ve put my body through over the years, all signs pointed towards a serious detox session. When I heard about the RAW cleanse I knew I had found my answer in three days of cold pressed juices.

Pre diet:

Two days prior to the detox I considerably cut down on my food intake. I maintained eating limited portions of home cooked food every two hours. I made sure I stay away from caffeine, sugar, fried food and alcohol. This seemed pretty easy.

Day 1:

The day’s juices were delivered to the SC Headquarters at 7 am. Running late to office, I only managed to get my hands on the first juice at 10 am. I was over excited to see the six juices lined up in my fridge. As much as I disliked the taste of Trim, I managed to gulp it down enthusiastically. Post that, I stuck to the two and half hours timeline between juices. Surprisingly most of the juices weren’t half as bad as I had expected them to be. I made sure I had plenty of water through the day, which meant plenty trips to the washroom, which in turn meant the cleanse was working its magic on me. The day went pretty smooth. Since I had mentally prepared myself for a three-day cleanse, I did not have any severe hunger pangs or cravings. I led myself to believe that this was easier than it seemed. I have a sweet tooth and hence found the last juice, Build, delicious. However, I felt very tired at the end of the day and managed to get eight hours of sleep that night.

Day 2:

Going 24 hours without any food in your system is really not as easy as it sounds. The second morning I did not want to get out of bed. I felt tired and exhausted. I dreaded the day ahead. When I reached office I ran across the corridor to get my hands on the first juice. The taste didn’t event matter anymore as long as I had something in my system. I was zoned out, lethargic and absent minded during the first half of the day. Even though RAW allows you to have a raw vegetable, a light salad or a fruit if you are super hungry, I had decided I wouldn’t eat anything solid for three days. Unfortunately, everyone around me in office ate delicious dal makhani, masala pav and cholay for lunch while I was stuck with just juices. More than hunger it was the temptation of all the mouth-watering food around me that got to me. And so I decided to have a pomegranate for lunch. I think this was the longest day of my life. I counted hours till I finished the cleanse. The second day is the worst. My skin looked pale and I felt tired and weak for most part of the day.

Day 3:

Finally I made it to the last day.  I knew the drill and by now I had my set of favourite juices – Run and Glow, and juices I never want to look at ever again – Flush and Shield. This is probably because afternoon is when you crave food the most and when you’re stuck with just juices, you tend to despise them! Trim and Build can pass off as bearable. I felt a little more energetic on the last day than the day before. The colour on my skin was back. My body had gotten used to no food by now and I did not feel very hungry. I did end up peeling an orange but could finish only half of it. My body was rejecting any solid food. The rest of the day sailed by pretty smoothly. By evening I had lost my appetite for food. I skipped Shield because I could not bear the thought of drinking anymore juice. By the time I reached the last juice, I could only manage half. The thought of finishing it made me feel like throwing up. I was glad it was finally over and I could look forward to eating some real food finally.

Post cleanse:

I couldn’t believe I managed to complete the challenge. Finally, time to eat! My body was used to not eating and I did not feel hungry at all the next day day. Water kept me going all day. It took me two days to get back to my regular eating habits. But thanks to RAW I’m more conscious of what I eat. RAW lived up to its promise of making my skin glow and my hair looks a lot healthier too. Post the process, I feel a lot more energetic and happier.

Overall my experience with RAW was great! I think it’s essential for everyone to do a cleanse program once in a while. I would definitely recommend a three-day cleanse to begin with, and then a one-day cleanse every month to get your system in order.

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