The Runway Best From Last Day Of Wills

Day 5 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 saw many amazing designs and we’re already halfway through planning for our next season wardrobe by now! Here are a few that stood out and made it to our list of “coolest outfits to look out for this summer”.


Neeta Bhargava’s belted midi dress is a perfect summer 2015 outfit for a casual lunch date!


neeta bhargava


Niharika Pandey brings the “chic” to sporty-chic! With awesome printed drawstring pants like these, we might actually be convinced to hit the gym for real!


niharika pandey


Niket Mishra keeps it simple and elegant in his festive collection for the coming spring. 


niket mishra


This bright summer dress by Rehane is perfect for beach parties and fun Sunday brunches with BFFs. 




Attention all eager bridesmaids-to-be! Kanika Saluja’s Annaikka collection for coming spring is one to keep an eye out for. SC especially loved this peplum saree in teal. 




For all your elegant occasions that do not call for loud outfits, this low-key dhoti and crop top outfit by Joy Mishra is your go-to option. 


joy mitra


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