The SC Flash Card Is Here!

Freak out, people, because the SC Flash Card is about to be launched on 15th December, and it’s a perfectly valid excuse for some self-indulgence! 

StyleCracker is pleased to announce our new initiative that let’s you splurge on the best brands at a discounted rate for the next 15 weeks – The SC Flash Card. 15 brands and restaurants offer an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases made using the Flash Card Membership. 

While the Card will officially be launched on 15th December, you can buy yourself an early Christmas present and pre-register for it on our website. Just sign up and our stylists will walk you through it. 

All pre-registrations get a 15% discount on their SC Flash Card. So avail this offer before 15th December while it’s still up for grabs. Additionally, watch this space as we have a ton of contests and discount prizes coming up too!

All you need to do is sign up on the website, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and keep an eye out for special contest announcements!

Stay tuned for more updates and if you have any queries, email us at [email protected]!