1)      What is the SC Flash Card?

It’s a loyalty card available for a nominal fee through which the card holder enjoys the benefit of a flat 15% off on 15 Brands on any purchase/s of Rs. 1,000 and above, you also get a flat 15% discount on your bill at cafes and restaurants for a period of 15 weeks after which the card can be renewed.

2)      Where can you buy the SC Flash Card?

You will be able to purchase the SC Flash Card on All you need to do is sign up!

3)      How much is the card priced at?

The card is priced at a nominal fee of Rs. 500 and valid till April 4th 2015, after which the card can be renewed.

4)      Does the SC Flash Card offer any added benefit?

You can buy one Add on card along with your SC Flash card which can be used by one of your family members.

5)      What is an Add on card?

A card holder is entitled to one more add on card for an immediate family member at a discounted rate of Rs. 250. To avail the Add on card, all that has to be done is simply email us your family member’s name on [email protected].

6)      Is the card transferrable or refundable?

The SC Flash Card is not transferrable to another person, nor can be refunded in case of deactivation at any time in the future.

7)      What happens after I buy the card online?

Once you have purchased the card online you will receive an email confirmation followed by the physical SC Flash Card by courier.  You can start using the card from date of arrival until the date of expiry.

8)      How do I use my SC Flash Card?

It’s simple! All you need to do is present the card at our partner brand outlets (Refer to our designer/brand page for exact location of their outlets) at the checkout counter with a verified photo ID proof. Please notify the store regarding the card prior to them issuing a bill. All stores reserve the right to withhold discounts if a cardholder does not have photo ID proof.

9)      Can I use the card as many times as I want?

Your SC Flash Card will be valid for 15 weeks, starting from the 20th of December 2014 till the 4th of April 2015. During this period, you have an unlimited usage of the card at all our partner brand outlets (Refer to our designer/brand page for exact location of their outlets)

10)   Can I buy the SC Flash Card at any time during the year?

We have only 2,000 cards that will be sold in those 15 weeks. You can purchase the card at any point in those 15 weeks. However, it will be valid only till April 4th 2015.

11)   Who are SC’s partners for the card?

Our partner brands include, Alpa & Reena, Anushka Khanna, Arpita Mehta, Bungalow 8, Creo Lifestyle, Curio Cottage, Chez Moi, Fat Man’s Cafe, Just Jewellery, Kanika Kedia, Lakme Absolute Salon, Minerali, Narendra Kumar, Sounia Gohil, and Valliyan by Nitya Arora.

12)   Can the SC Flash Card be gifted to another person?

Yes! You can buy as many SC Flash Cards as you wish and gift them to anyone else. Remember to add the card user’s details while making the payment.

13)   Can I use the SC Flash Card in other states of the country as well?

The SC Flash Card will only be applicable at the Mumbai stores as of now.

14)   What privileges does the card not entitle me to?

The card does not entitle you to get a discount on items that are already on sale.

15)   What happens if one of the partners back out?

In the rare event that this happens, we will do our best to replace the designer or brand with another one. No refund will be made in this case.

16)   What if I have any problem redeeming my discount?

For any problems, you can always contact us on 022 67080501, 9324802872, or email us on [email protected] or for any other help, sign up to to chat with our stylists.

17)   What happens in case the card is misplaced?

In case the card is misplaced, we will get it replaced with a new one as soon as possible and cancel your old serial number. If the card is misplaced more than once, a Rs. 100 fee will be levied to replace the card.

18)   On what grounds can my card by deactivated?

StyleCracker reserves the right to cancel the card or/and terminate the contract with partner brand for any breach of terms, on the account of fraud or any other misuse of the card by the card holder or brand personnel.

19) Can the SC Flash Card be used online?

The SC Flash Card is only valid at offline locations for the moment.