The Stylecracker Guide To Being A Power Woman

Being a woman in 2020 is like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Heck, being a woman has always been pretty tough and you’re constantly trying to find a balance – should you do what you want to do or what you’re supposed to do, focus on a career or start a family (because you obviously can’t do both of them – insert eye-roll here).


With Women’s day approaching, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to celebrate our womanhood and our power. The Stylecracker office is 95% female and with that kind of oestrogen floating around, you can bet we’ve learnt a thing or two!

To celebrate, we’re giving you a kickass 35% off on every StyleCracker order. Just use the code: WOMEN35 at the check out!

And now, keep scrolling to study our guide on how to be a power woman in today’s world…

Firstly, let’s get some of that #GirlLove spreading. The world is hard enough to navigate without being constantly put down. The next time you see a friend, tell her how cute her top is or, even better – how she totally aced her last presentation.

But don’t forget about yourself! You is kind, you is smart and (say it with me everybody) you is important.

Next, be confident! This is your world and everybody else is just living in it.

Make sure you’re always in touch with your inner Beyonce. Because who run the world? You said it – GIRLS!

Honestly, confidence can be hard to find so here’s a little pro tip: Fake it till you make it! Find what works for you. For me – when I look good, I feel good. So once I have my outfit on point, I know that I’m ready to slay.

In life you’ve got to know how much you’re worth, and don’t go around giving people discounts

And finally, don’t be trying every single new trend that crops up. That’s where we come in, we try and test it all and then advise you on what to wear and how to wear it – all based on your preferences. Remember, we’re here to keep you looking extra fine all day, every day

Good luck chicas, see you on the other side!



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