The Trousers Our Content Editor Is Dangerously Addicted To

It all started when I was asked to go sourcing for a shoot at StyleCracker. As the Content Editor, I don’t always get a chance to make shopping a part of my job – that’s what sourcing is right? You pick out clothes for a video or photo shoot, wear them and return them the next day. Now I know this might sound a bit dramatic, but that’s when I put the trousers in question on and haven’t been able to take them off ever since.

Nuon Light Blue Hawaii Jeans

What’s so special about this pair of denims, you ask? Three things: they’re high-waist, wide-legged and super easy on the pocket. As soon as I posted a photo of my #ootd on InstaStories (because, how could I not?) I was flooded with messages in my inbox asking me where I got them and how much they were for. Now before you go thinking I spent a bomb on these super versatile bottoms, I’d actually like a drumroll for this part, they’re from Westside.

I bought them less than 2 weeks ago and have worn them in every way possible already.

Click through this gallery to see how my new favourite trousers have been styled so far:

And if you love them as much as I do, you can get them here for Rs. 1899!

P.S. Not only have I shipped a pair of these to a friend in America, two of my girlfriends have worn them, and Tia from StyleCracker just joined our gang too!

Tia Paranjape & Anushka Mulchandani

Love them? We certainly do 🙂