The Ultimate Bridesmaid Checklist!

Your best friend getting married also mean a whole lot of duties and responsibilities over your own pretty head! Most of these include calming down the bride when she’s having one of those bridezilla melt-downs, telling her she’s super-awesome and super-pretty, and accompanying her on endless shopping trips. But there’s more to being the bride’s BFF than throwing drunken bachelorette parties!

Check out SC’s list of duties that every bridesmaid needs to meet for their best friend bride!

  1. Sit in on various “wedding planning” meets and brunches. Sure, these will grow tedious and hysterical as the big day approaches, but you are the one who will have to keep a sane head in all the insanity.
  2. Calmly listen to all your BFF’s ideas and be supportive (no matter how harebrained you think the idea is!). Only give your opinion when asked for, and be your friend’s pillar if she feels strongly about some idea.
  3. Be sure to let the groom-to-be know your friend’s likes and preferences so that he can plan accordingly and thoroughly charm her (and doesn’t buy her a present that she hates!).
  4. When it comes to planning the bachelorette party, keep in mind what she wants (a wild night on the town or an elegant soiree or even a mini vacation!), not what you want.
  5. Think back to all those times you two had the “my ideal shaadi” discussions and make a list of all things she said. If you can give her even a couple of those girlhood dreams and desires, consider it a job done well.
  6. Religiously attend all dance sessions with the choreographer. Sangeet ceremonies are almost as important to the brides as the wedding itself.
  7. Do your best to make sure the relatives attend the dance lessons too.
  8. Help out wherever you can – sending out the invites, arranging fittings, handling the florists. Take some load off your best friend and her mom.
  9. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, your friend will need all the support that you can give. Reassure her that you are and always will be right by her side.
  10. The night before the wedding, it’ll be your job to make sure that the bridal party (especially the bride!) doesn’t get drunk. Trust us, nobody wants splitting headaches and bloated faces on the wedding day.
  11. Keep a “Bridesmaid-to-the-rescue” kit with you on the D-Day. This should include all the things a bride could possibly need (being under so much stress can make her forgetful) – hair spray, safety pins, tissues, blow dryer, travel-size sewing kit, breath mints, first aid kit, pain reliever, lotion, lip balm, face powder, hair brush and some hair pins.
  12. Make it a point to mingle with relatives and guests on both sides. It’ll fall to you to chat with the annoying uncle or the talkative aunt your friend has always hated.
  13. Keep an eye on the bride’s bratty cousins, making sure they do not spill anything on her dress.
  14. Finally, if your friend needs to sneak out to meet the groom before the wedding, you need to be the mission commander for it. Round up a couple of older cousins of her’s that you can trust and come up with a plan to help her get out and safely back in without anyone noticing!

If, at the end of it all, you see your BFF’s eyes shining with tears of joy, all the pain’s totally worth it. You’ve done your job well, bridesmaid!