The Wedding Planner

Basic CMYK

We all know that weddings can be stressful! Be it the run-up or the actual D-day, emotions run high. StyleCracker gives you a few simple style-guidelines that will make the journey a lot smoother.


Indian clothes are far from boring and they look sensuous. Aim for timeless by picking ornate traditional ensembles.


Don’t go by trends alone; opt for silhouettes that flatter you. Emphasize and play your best parts up! If you are thin, emphasize that small waist to create an illusion of curves! To hide some bulk, pick fluid fabrics that don’t add to it.


Stand out in a sea of gold and red by wearing unconventional colours like emerald green or a deep navy!


You will have chaperons running around you, but keep a bejeweled clutch with basic essentials handy, one that will also compliment your ensemble. You can purchase these at Chamomile in Bandra and Palladium, or at Cypress in Bandra where you can select from an assortment of Indian clutches with stonework!


Old is gold! Opt for family heirlooms for added grace. Heirloom jewellery have character and a story behind them that adds old-world charm!


Instead of drowning in jewels, wear that one stunning piece that will grab attention like a ornate neckpiece or a eye-catching maang teeka.


Say no to cake-y make-up and go for dewy skin and rose-stained cheeks instead.


Elaborate up-dos are difficult to maintain. Opt for low-maintenance tousled hair that won’t frizz at the first drop of sweat!


Balance the look in terms of the wardrobe, hair, make-up and accessories. Like Coco Chanel said, โ€œLess is always more.โ€




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