These New Additions To The StyleCracker Box Are Perfect For The Office

Ok yes, sticking to a uniform set of outfits for the office certainly saves a whole lot of time. But where’s the fun in that? We personally feel that if you’re dressed well, you feel good. And everyone needs a bit of that amazing feeling while they spend the whole day toiling over their desktops, right? Which is where we come in! Not only do our stylists hook you up with the perfect picks for your workplace, we send you style tips and can pretty much change your entire dressing experience.

That being said, take a peek at some of the latest arrivals to the StyleCracker Box – they’re ALL great for the office and with a little bit of effort can even be revamped to be worn to the bar after hours.

A tote is an absolute office essential, how else will you carry your multiple devices, chargers and 3+ lipsticks to your desk?

We’re all about stripes and tying our shirts instead of tucking them this season. You don’t have to make it a crop top, just tie it on your waist instead of tucking and you’ve added a little styling element to your workday.

If you’re not up for all that tying action, how about adding some print or details (like a bow) to your #ootd?

Going ethnic is a great option for the office. A kurta with wide-leg trousers or even jeans with your wedges could make for a great look. If you’re not much of an ethnic girl, how about a bit of fusion?

And finally, just tuck your shirt to make it a crop top, add a bit of red to your lips and you’re ready for the bar!

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