Things You Learn About Your Body In Your 20s

Your 20s are the most exciting, challenging and downright scariest years of your life. For me, it went from barely being capable of setting (and waking up to) an alarm daily, to being expected to have my life in order and be a completely functional and responsible adult, over night. It was not easy then and honestly, it is still not easy. Sure, you’re an adult. But seriously? Who really ever wants to adult? So after a lot of complaining, cribbing, a few (not so adult) tantrums, I finally accepted that the clock isn’t turning back and it was time to embrace even this change. I learnt something new every single day, about life and relationships and my career choices, but here’s what you learn about your body (if you haven’t yet) when you’re in your 20s.

  1. No amount of sleep or food is ever enough. No, really.

You miss the nap-time and snack-time, which you’d hated as a child because you’re suddenly ALWAYS tired or ALWAYS hungry. Your bed is your best friend, and if you can sneak in a packet of chips with some dip – it is true bliss. You wonder how you ever functioned on just 5 hours of sleep and nibbles before this. That all being said though, though anything in excess isn’t a good idea, you should be proactive about always getting more sleep than you did before your 20s.

  1. Exercise is non-negotiable.

Your metabolism is dropping (something you never ever had to even think about earlier) and you’re eating, as I already mentioned, all the time. This one may take a few years to really sink in but trust me, do not skimp on your exercise routine. You have got to hit the gym, or take a class, or just about do anything – the sooner it becomes a habit the less you’re going to want to kick yourself when you’re closer to 30 than 20.

  1. Skinny is not the end goal.

You will soon learn than skinny does not equal sexy. Not anymore. In your 20s, you learn to love your body, to be comfortable in it and to aim to be fit and healthy over just ‘thin’. You learn to dress for your body type and learn that you can create your own version of sexy.

  1. The hangovers only get worse.

As you are forced deeper into your 20s, the mornings after a binge-fest only get worse. Much much worse, and you find yourself Googling every type of hangover cure or newly launched pill to save yourself. The only solution is water, lots and lots of water. But I don’t mean while you’re boozing up, or just before you hit the sack. You need to up your water intake in general. A well hydrated you is guaranteed to be slightly more at ease the next morning. Besides, it’s great for your skin, and pretty much everything, really – you’re going to thank me.

  1. Sunscreen, and more sunscreen.

As important as it is to remove your makeup every night before bed, it is equally important to apply sunscreen every morning. You never had to think about your skin before, but now it is time. Train yourself to wear sunscreen daily not just for cosmetic reasons – your future self will thank you.

Text: Aditi Shah

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