5 things to remember before shopping online

We love retail therapy and we love being snuggled up in bed – what’s better than being able to do both at the same time? As perfect as this scenario is, there are things you must keep in mind so you avoid suffering from buyer’s regret when your parcel arrives.


Familiarity is key.

Its always smarter to shops brands that you’ve either worn before or have at least heard of and a relatively familiar with. All brands have sizes that fit differently and just because something may be price appealing, there’s no point if you can’t finally wear it.


Take a minute. Read.

Don’t hit ‘add to cart’ just because the product image looks great. Wait a second, scroll down, and take the time to read the product details – this is going to be your best friend, sparing you from any unpleasant surprises when you unwrap these little gifts to yourself.


Trick or Treat?

The key to the perfect pair of jeans is that they should look like they were almost custom made for your body, and that is hard to find even when you’re physically at a store. Jeans are tricky to buy online unless you’ve tried out a particular brand before. On the other hand, though, t-shirts, accessories, fun sweaters and even sneakers (because you’d usually know your size) are super treats to shop for online.


Can it go back?

Always always always (I cannot harp on this one enough), read the refund and return policies. Just as brilliant as online shopping is, there’s always the chance of something not turning out exactly the way you’d hoped, no matter how particular you were. You shouldn’t have to be stuck with it. Make sure that the refund and return policy is straight forward, so you won’t want to kick yourself later.


Stay safe.

Look for the little lock in the address bar when you’re asked to fill in your credit card details. And, remember that no brands will ever ask for your credit card or bank details or date of birth over the phone or email to approve a transaction. Ever.


Happy shopping! 🙂


Text: Aditi Shah


Image courtesy: eatweartravel.com