Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping With Your Boyfriend!

Taking a shopping trip with your boyfriend can quickly get tedious. You’ll start out all pumped and enthusiastic about it, naively hoping that you might return home with an outfit that your boyfriend loves and helped you pick out! Yeah, right.

The reality is as far removed from the above scenario as possible. The actual situation might be a bit more like this: You browse through racks and racks of clothing, visit over seven stores, receive no helpful inputs from his side whatsoever (he just doesn’t get that culottes and palazzos are two different things!), while he spends the entire day waiting outside various changing rooms, checking football scores on his phone and updating his facebook status as “bored to death”.

Man holding clothes by a changing room

To save yourself and your significant other from a lot of distress, boredom and irritation, SC has made a list of tips to follow when out shopping with the boyfriend. Trust us, you’ll like each other better for it and might end up having a good time!

  1. Have a shopping list ready before you set out. You don’t have to limit yourself to it if you stumble across a nice bargain but it’s advisable to not browse randomly while out with your man.

  2. Don’t visit over 3 or 4 stores. Men have limited patience with shopping as it is, don’t test it by hopping from store to store without actually buying anything.

  3. Don’t ask him confusing questions. You ask him, “Do you think cap sleeves make my arms look plump or should I rather go for 3/4th sleeves in a darker color?”, you’ll lose him. Just a simple yes or no should be your goal. Don’t let him get away with a noncommittal shrug, but also don’t go into in-depth analysis of why he doesn’t like a particular item.

  4. Leave him free to roam around on his own. You would be bored too if you had to wait for hours outside trial rooms, doing nothing. Let him go to the mall’s bar for a beer if that’s what you think will make him happy!

  5. Check out other girls with him. No harm ever came from having a little light fun with your man. Point out other pretty girls to him and he won’t mind if you indulge in a bit of eye-candy yourself!

Our final advice, save yourself the trouble and leave your boyfriend home! Just sign up on StyleCracker because our stylists make much better shopping buddies.