This Is Possibly The Tastiest Healthy Food We’ve Ever Tried

Ok you’ve taken the plunge; You’ve decided to shed those kilos, get fit, control your cholesterol and/or whatever you reason was to eat better. But now what? Figuring out what exactly to eat – something that’s healthy but still tasty can get a tad bit difficult. Enter Flax. Their motto: You don’t have to eat less; You just have to eat right! Sounds like music to our ears, so we decided to investigate it a little more.

They have branches in Todi Mills, Breach Candy, Powai, Pune and Bangalore and of course that ever-so-important home delivery option (for when that eventual laziness kicks in). Our favourite part though were the options. From superbowls which are both super nutritious and hella’ tasty, to their signature salads that cater to specific areas of improvement – there’s a Flax bowl for every tastebud out there.

They even tie up with leading fitness coaches (for example Sohfit) to make sure you’re getting the right nutrition to match the exercises you’re doing at class.

On Keto? There’s a whole menu that’s catered specifically to you.

And that’s not all. They’ll even whip up a smoothie, cold pressed juices or a healthy sandwich for those in-between hunger pangs.

Basically if you’re looking to get fit but not feel like you’re eating cardboard everyday – you need to, as they say, Flax It Up.

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