Thoughts every girl has before she learns driving

There’s this one phase in life when all we can think about is to turn 18! An adult, having the liberty to take your decisions and doing what you want! One of those liberating feelings has got to be driving lessons and eventually mastering it too! It’s one hell of a memorable journey. Literally!

If you’ve ever experienced any of it stated below during your wild years, don’t worry, it’s natural and we trust you with your driving skills now!

I’m going to take over the world with my driving skills
Because how difficult can it be? The world does it!

Ohh that’s a good start. Whoever said it’s complicated.
The transition from second to third gear. Oh yay! I’m a fast learner!


ABC in reverse
Accelerator, brake, clutch. It’s just ABC in reverse. Simple!

If only these auto rickshaws and bikers knew we were learners
Understanding lanes and driving would just get better if fellow auto rickshaw drivers and bikers understood a learner’s plight.

Why is the car not stopping when I’m pressing the brake so hard? Oops, it’s the accelerator.
As a learner, it’s a tad bit difficult to get a hang of SO many functions. One of the major ones is pressing the accelerator instead of the brake.

Is every traffic cop going to be sweet to me?
“It is possible for every cop out there to be a little lenient with me till I master these driving tips and tricks?”tumblr_nvtcs388ds1ufrxldo1_500

WAIT! Why is my car going backwards?
One of the biggest fears is when your car needs to be taken on the slope. You press the brake and start again just to realize that it’s moving backwards.

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