Your All-Time Favourite Desserts With A Modern Twist

This one is for all of you that, like me, are convinced that no matter how much you’ve eaten, there is always room for dessert. I have the biggest sweet tooth and I am definitely crushing on these deliciously unusual creations that give our traditional ‘sweet dishes’ an exciting twist.

Gulab Nut at Bombay Canteen


This concoction takes traditional gulab jamuns to the next level. Doused in Old Monk Rum and filled with a delicious pistachio cream, you’re bound to fall in love at first bite. This ‘fun’ twist sure makes you wonder how you’d ever lived without it all these years.

Coffee Rasgulla at Bombay Canteen


Here’s another favourite from Bombay Canteen (boy, these guys have really got us hooked)! For the coffee-lover, this treat is absolutely divine. Sure, rasgullas are great, but ever tried one soaked in coffee rather than plain sugar syrup? These are just perfect for your post-lunch coffee-cum-sugar fix and they come with a creamy and delicious salted caramel ice-cream.


Jalebi Caviar at Masala Library  


Yes, you read that right – Jalebi Caviar, and it is an absolute favourite. Jiggs Kalra’s super brainchild, Masala Library will have you ogling at every dish on your table and is guaranteed to have you delighted as they take you on a culinary rollercoaster. Be sure to end your meal with this unusual, yet brilliant jalebi invention. Caviar-esk balls of jalebi, on a bed of yummy rabdi, served with saffron foam – admit it, you’re salivating.

Baked Jalebi Cheesecake with Saffron Espuma at Gallops


If you like all things jalebi and haven’t got your fill just yet, you must head to Gallops and dig into this interesting and delectable cheesecake. Bursting with flavour, this Philadelphia cream cheese combined with jalebi and yet again, another saffron foam is absolutely delightful. This one is a real treat for your taste buds.

Text: Aditi Shah

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