Tips For A Healthier Diwali

Khushboo Thadani of KWeigh gives StyleCracker tips on ways to stay healthy this Diwali.


#Indulge wisely


While festivals call for a huge spread, stick to two to three of your favourites, so you don’t end up overeating!

#Dance the night away


Who says you need a gym to fit in a good workout?

#Gift healthy


Skip the sugar-laden treats this year and send your friends/family hampers filled with seasonal and dried fruits, nuts and dark chocolate.

#Avoid sugar-free mithai


These desserts are often loaded with aspartame, which is harmful for your overall health. Instead look out for mithais which are sweetened with natural sugars such as jaggery, cane juice, or honey.

#Go easy on the alcohol

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It dehydrates you, gives you a hangover, and leaves you looking tired & haggard. Sip on both plain and coconut water in between your drinks and do not drink on an empty stomach!