Top 10 Cult Bollywood Movies That You Have To Watch

Bollywood is the lifeline of our escapist needs. We live in a fast-paced world where the one thing we often lack is surrealistic relaxation. Bollywood movies, with all their exaggerated drama, exuberance and frivolous charm are a way for us to escape the harsh realities for a couple of hours.

SC made a list of Top 10 cult Bollywood movies that every cinema buff needs to watch!  

Sholay – This is one Bollywood movie whose secondary characters are also as famous as the leads (case in point, people recognise Sambha as well as they do Gabbar!). And all it’s dialogues are legendary – “Kitne aadmi the?” is perhaps the most quoted amongst all Bollywood movies. 


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – Its still the king among romance movies and the charm of Raj and his dimples hasn’t lessened one bit in 20 years!


Andaz Apna Apna – This movie is so bad, it’s unbelievably good! The actors over-acted terribly and ended up being doubly hilarious. 


Dil Chahta Hai – It’s a movie to watch with your best friends, or if you’re watching it on your own, you’ll miss them so much that you’ll spend hours talking to them over the phone after it. 


Mughal-e-Azam – The definition of “epic”, this movie boasts grandeur and elegance like no other, as it shows the tragic romance of Anarkali and Salim, winning fans all over.

mughal e azam_bigcolor__poster

Deewar – This one was a confirmed winner with riveting performances by Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor (remember where he soulfully tells his brother “Mere paas Maa hai!”). 


Munna Bhai MBBS – This was such a delightful change from the monotonous comedies of that time, with everyone calling each other “Mamu” and dishing out “Jadoo ki Jhappis”. 


Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron – The movie had an ensemble cast of theatre artists whom nobody knew at that time, but it somehow worked! The story builds with the audience expecting glories and rewards for the two main leads, but the anti-climactic end hits us hard! Also, the Mahabharat scene definitely makes it to the list of epic comedy sequences of Bollywood!


Rang de Basanti – Another awesome one from Aamir Khan, with steady performances and a storyline that is nothing short of perfect, this movie is a must-watch for everyone. 


Lagaan – It was “touch-n-go” with the Oscars for this one, but it remains till date, one of the most unconventional and out of the box stories ever told through Hindi Cinema. It’s a little on the longer side, but hey, so was Titanic and it has a full blown cricket match, so we don’t mind!


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Yes, we do realize that our list ended with the previous one, but this movie deserves an honorary mention as the 11th cult movie. They came up with the sheer adorableness that was Bagwati (which was an Hermes Kelly, by the way!) and the Diamond Biscuit jingle is an all-time favorite!



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