Top 15 Denim Moments Of All Time!

SC decided to round up 15 defining moments in the history of Denims – the one trend that we can be sure will last till the end of time! Your favourite Jeans are the most comfortable thing in your closet (after the holey sweatpants, of course!) – they seem to fit you like they were custom-made for you, the less you wash them the better, they require next to no maintenance and they are super-versatile, always coming to your rescue when you have that “I don’t have anything to wear” moment!

So here’s a look back at the top 15 denim moments in the history of fashion.

Marilyn Monroe looked sensational in a pair of denims, as she did in everything else, but this was in a time when women were just starting to wear what was traditionally men’s clothing. Cheers for Marilyn!


James Dean was the original rebel – and when he wore denim, he didn’t just wear it, he owned it utterly. 


Nobody quite got Jeans the way Bruce Springsteen did. He famously put his denim-clad butt on the covers for his iconic album “Born In The USA”.



Madonna rocked the head to toe denim look in the 80s during her meteoric rise to fame!


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (back in 2000 when they were a thing) sizzled on the red carpet when they arrived at the VMAs sporting matching all-denim looks!



Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) served as serious denim inspiration with her chic dungaree looks in the 90s.



So did Drew Barrymore.



Thelma and Louise weren’t just iconic characters because of the cult classic movie. They were the definition of “tough girl” and we’re pretty sure their denims were a factor in shaping their badass persona.



Nsync were awesome together, regardless of how adorably funny they looked in their denim dungaree avataars.



Brooke Shields’ ad campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans remains, till date, one of the most commonly recognised adverts of all time. The image of a young, fresh-faced Brooke in a barely buttoned shirt and snuggly fitted jeans is the most iconic among famous ads. 



The all girls English Pop band Bananaramas sure did know how to wear their denims with laidback style.



If anybody knew how to rock leather jacket and ripped jeans in the coolest way possible, it was the Ramones.



Debbie Harry got the Denim on Denim trend down pat and wore it with panache.



The entire cast of Beverly Hills 90210 practically lived in their denims! 



Jean Paul Gaultier’s SS/2010 collection featured outfits entirely made out of denim.


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