Top 5 Fashion Apps To Download

Remember the awesome computer software that matched outfits from Cher’s sizeable closet in 90’s cult classic Clueless? While it was way too neat a trick back in the 90s, we now have our smartphone apps to do the same for us! Here is SC’s list of top 5 Fashion Apps that having on your phone will make your life much easier.

Polyvore – If a lack of inspiration is your fashion dilemma, the free Polyvore app has everything you need so you don’t have to spend hours browsing through personal style blogs. Mix and match pieces from the app’s extensive catalogue to create your own shoppable outfits, and find styles that are currently trending.



Pose is on many must-have fashion app lists, and we can understand why. Upload items from your closet and list them for sale, trade them with other members of Pose or buy pieces for yourself. It’s a virtual way to get the most out of your closet and keep it updated without spending an arm and a leg. You can also make packing lists for upcoming trips.


Fashion Kaleidoscope – An app that will help users buy products featured in ensembles put together by the industry’s favorite street-style stars, fashion editors and personal style bloggers.


Trendabl – It is like Instagram and Facebook for the fashion enthusiasts who would love to connect with other fashionistas around the world. Upload a photo, filter it and tag it to allow users to browse photos by categories such as skirts, swimwear, or shoes. With Trendabl you can tag what you’re wearing based on label, price and availability. You can also browse others’ outfits and get some style inspiration.


Shopcade – The newest fashion app in the Indian fashion scenario is Shopcade. It has brought fashion, quite literally, to the fingertips of the style savvy here. From updates on where the latest sales are happening to finding out the latest style trends, checking out celebrity style statements apps are providing a one-stop solution for lovers of fashion who want to stay abreast of the latest and you can check what’s trending and buy instantly.