SC Inside Out | Travelling Through Time – Trends From The Past We Are Dreaming Of

Where do you look when you’re in need of some serious fashion inspiration? For me, I turn to my favourite TV shows and the extremely stylish women they feature. Although all my favourite shows are set in a different era (coincidence much?), they all have great trends that can easily be adapted to modern times. (thank you Pinterest!)

Betty Draper on Mad Men

The white sunglasses. The white pearls. The white gloves. Could this be anymore ‘60s? I love how with a few simple accessories, you can elevate a floral dress to this whole other level of sophistication.
For a more contemporary version, wear white sunglasses and pearls with a simple pair of blue jeans and a white shirt knotted in the front.

Betty Draper

Claire Fraser on Outlander

I know, Outlander is set in the 18th century, what trend could we possibly bring back? But Paris in the 18th century was honestly like none other!
Go as OTT as you want, especially with your evening dressing, like this red dress Claire wore to Versailles. Sure, we aren’t getting an invitation to dine with the King, but hey, we can do our own version of that and wear that super flouncy dress for that next special occasion the minute we’re out of this lockdown.

Claire Fraser

Princess Margaret on The Crown

Ah, don’t we all wish we could dress like royalty? But us mere mortals have to make do with the high street. My favourite fashionista on The Crown though, hands down has to be Princess Margaret. Her style was always on point and super edgy for the era. A sweetheart neckline was clearly her preference, and with good reason! It’s extremely flattering, romantic and modern all at once.

Princess Margaret

Lady Mary Crawley on Downton Abbey

Changing an outfit for dinner at home? Why not? They did it in the 1920s and since it’s 2020 we can do our version and dress up to go to the dining room (or our beds) for the next meal. The flapper dresses were a trademark of the ‘20s and no one did it better than Lady Mary. To feel like you’re back in the era, add a long-beaded necklace and some fringe to your closet. Grandmama would totally approve.

Lady Mary

Mrs. Maisel on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

A split dress with shorts underneath? Yes please! Mrs. Maisel has to be my favourite character of all time. She’s funny, smart and impossibly immaculate. Wear a shirt dress with shorts to make this look more modern, but add a pair of cat eye sunglasses, for that little extra extra!

Mrs Maisel

Written by Anchal Khetan