Trend Alert: Culottes

It is obvious why the culottes – also known as gaucho pants – are back in trend. They are perfect for summers with their ankle grazing cuts that allow a hit of sun and fresh air. These wide leg numbers can be witnessed everywhere, from our favourite celebrities to ss15 catwalks. Hey look flattering on most body types by giving an illusion of a tiny waist and long legs.

The Folksy Lassie



For a fun day out and to loaf around town, pair your culottes with converse shoes and thrown on a denim shirt on top. You would feel comfortable in the ensemble and appear nonchalant yet chic.

The Spirited Diva



Let the air hit your midriff and your ankles by pairing a vibrant pair of culottes with a crop top. It is a perfect ensemble to make a style statement while out with your friends for a luncheon.

The Glam Doll



Add glamour to the semblance by adding on a pair of strap-y heels or tie a scarf at your waist and add some bling with a statement bag or chunk-y neckpiece.

The Opulent Lady


You can make culottes look ornate for an office look by pairing them up with a smart tailored top or short and a pair of pumps. You can also thrown on a sleeveless cape to add glam to the semblance.

Let us know which look you liked best.