Trend Alert: Dungarees!

To many, it’s just a step on from a playsuit. But, all of us know the bib and brace style because we wore it as children (90’s rocked, right!).
Few could have predicted the resurgence of this style, but right now it’s one of the major trends in the current fashion scene. They are also referred to as “overalls”.

In the beginning of the 20th century, overalls came in as protective garments for mechanics in the USA.

Women wore overalls in factories in England during the First World War in 1916.

During the Spanish Civil War, the Communist soldiers used boiler suits as their uniform. Early aeronauts also wore specially designed one-piece suits.

In the 1930s, overalls were used as comfortable children’s clothes.

After World War II, many athletes also utilized the advantages of overalls.

Denim Dungarees was a huge trend all through the 90s.


Different ways to work Dungarees:
Denim on denim

denim on denim

Midriff Baring

midriff baring 2

Androgynous Chic

androgynous chic 2

Jack-et up!


Simple and Chic

simple chic

The downside: Like any style of jumpsuit or romper, they’re impractical in the restroom.

Did you know? Rules were implemented in match factories: “Suitable overalls are required for all workers employed in the phosphorus process, except for people who only put the matches in boxes”!!