Trend Alert: Mirrored Sunglasses

From celebrities to bloggers, everyone has found a chic new way to keep the sun at bay with these cool reflective glasses – that are every girl’s staple this season. SC is here to tell you about the types of sunnies that would add a touch of cool for any given occasion.

The Retro Vibe


The hologram like reflective sunnies which change colour at every single angle add an old world charm to your contemporary outfit. These cool shade reflectors also add a pop of colour to your otherwise, bland ensemble.


Pair these up with distresses shorts and nonchalant overalls to achieve the retro-boho look.

The Classy Aviators


As it is, these sunnies add an edge to the appearance. Aviators give out a sketchy yet chic vibe and once you get them with these snazzy reflective lenses, their charm just hits another level – here classic meets contemporary. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and opt for some aqua mirror shades.


Pair these up with your crop tops and camouflage pants for a gamine look.

The Ultimate Wayfarers


Some of us just can’t do without our clubmasters or wayfarers, nothing beats the posh feel of these boxy sunglasses. But to add an element of fun, you can go ahead and opt for mirrored wayfarers. The mirrored lenses of the clubmasters will just add some sass to the uptown shades.


Wear them with your floral maxi dresses and your tailored outfits to complete the semblance.

Let us know your favorites.