Try Out These Awesome Christmas Recipes!

Christmas is the best time of the year with promises of abundant happiness, joy, and heavenly food with recipes that have been passed on year after year, from generation to generation.

Christmas is just around the corner and all that talk of sweets and parties has got our tummies in a tumble. From rich flavors of succulent meats and sweet treats, we at StyleCracker rounded up 10 of our favorite classic Christmas recipes of all time.

Coq Au Vin– The classic and divine French dish is a must have for Christmas among the Parisians and highly recommended by us! Cooked with heavenly wine and veggies (did we mention it’s nutritious as well?) this French cuisine classic is on our must try this season list!


Chicken Roast with Stuffing– All you need for the perfect Christmas stuffed chicken roast is a pan, some stuffing, a chicken, et Voila! (not too difficult now, is it?)

Spiced Ham in Honey– It’s an age old Christmas dish, it’s yum, and it looks pretty darn good on the table!

Prime Rib Roast– It might be tricky to cook, but it is so totally worth the effort!

Pot Roast– Does the thought of a Pot Roast get your mouth to melt, as much as it does ours? Well, it should!

Sweet Potato Casserole– A perfect, creamy, side dish to your roast, add a low calorie content to that, now you see why we think a sweet potato casserole is what you must try this year?

Creamed spinach– Popeye would be pleased with the creamy goodness of this healthy spinach. What’s the plus point? The kids will love it!


Rich Plum Cake– What’s Christmas without the traditional and delightful plum cake? Satisfy that craving this Christmas with a giant guilt free slice of cake!

Chocolate Fudge– What is the best part about chocolate fudge on Christmas? One- It’s chocolate and Two- It’s super easy! Give in to that yearning with gooey yum chocolate fudge!

Chocolate Chip Cookies– Well, we have got to keep something for Santa too right! Whip up a batch of super moist cookies this x-mas and serve with a warm cup of milk. Yum!

Christmas Pudding– No matter how stuffed you are after all that food, a Christmas meal is incomplete without a spoonful of that moist, sticky, delicious pud! Go ahead and treat your family with the aromatic fragrance, moist texture, and rich flavors of a traditional pudding and we’re absolutely sure it’ll get you plus points from the elders!