Turn your childhood outfit staples into kickass OOTD ideas

Ever sat down and looked at old albums to see how hideously your mom dressed you? Well we’ve all sailed that boat. But here’s some good news, those 90’s inspired outfits are hipster trends now and literally every fashionista out there is flaunting them. So get ready to feel nostalgic, here are 7 outfit ideas to take you right back to your childhood memories.



What we called “dungarees” back then. Super adorable and perfect for those can’t be bothered days. Just put on a cute crop or lacey bralette, slip into some comfy sneaks and you’re good to go.



No childhood was complete without a “Dora” backpack. But don’t you worry we’re not asking you to sport one now. There’s a ton of mini backpacks for you to pick from; embellished, metallic even embroidered.


Jean Jackets

Denim jackets are all over today. If you want to make a style statement, it’s a piece for you to get your hands on. Or go through your wardrobe we’re sure you’ll find a jacket you can revamp. Distressed denim for the win!


Bathing Suits

Can we just take a moment to say how adorable frilly polka dot swimming suits were? Yes, they’re very in trend now. Probably beating the basic bikini sets too.


Ruffled Socks

We’ll be lying if we said we hated wearing ruffled socks back in the day. However now the tables have turned. Wear these 90’s staple with a pair of strappy heels and hit the town to party in style.



Even Ted Baker does them! It’s always going to remain a mystery to us how jellies are in fashion. We’re guessing it’s because they’re very comfortable, glittery and waterproof which make them great for the Mumbai monsoons.



No we’re definitely not talking about those black elastic bands which looked like barbed wires around your neck. Chokers today are very elaborate and you have loads to choose from, there’s velvety ones, with beautiful charms and even metal ones.




IMAGE COURTESY: Ourgoldenage.com.au, Pinterest.com, Tumblr.com, Wheretoget.it, Manrepeller.com,