Two Beauty Brands Launched New Lipsticks This Week & You Need To See Them

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m a lipstick wh***! Give me a good shade and some gorgeous texture and I’m sold. So obviously I felt like Christmas came early when I got invited to try not one but TWO new lipsticks in the span of a week.

We can all agree that MAC is one of the pioneers when it comes to professional makeup. Their products are cult favourites and let’s just say, it’ll never go out of style.

MAC always had their customer favourite Retro Matte Lipsticks available, but they decided to launch a few new shades and wait for it… they helped us create our own shades too! The idea was to pick two shades from their range of colours and mix them to create a whole new one. Exciting? I certainly think so!

While it gives you that smooth matte finish, the texture when you apply it is mouss-y which makes it super easy to put on. The shades last for up to eight hours and retail at Rs 2050 a pop. Think about it, if you get two, you can mix them up and make a totally new shade – #WIN!

Next up was Bobbi Brown. You already know how much I LOVE their new concealer and believe it or not, their lipsticks are great too. Doing the opposite of what MAC just did, Bobbi Brown launch their Crushed Lip Colors this week and all the shades are as moisturising as they come.

Lips for days with our new Crushed Lip Color — available in 20 shades. ???? @popofcoral

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The idea is to use them as a lip stain in the day and build it up for proper va-va-voom coverage at night. While a lot of “moisturising” lipsticks tend to get sticky, this formula is anything but. It feels great once on and leave no stains when you take it off.

It’s available for Rs. 1,700 each and last I checked, it was already sold out on They’re still available in stores ladies, so you better hurry!