These Two Comedians Are From Delhi And They’re HILARIOUS

Unless you’re living under a rock, you have most certainly enjoyed a laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying moment with these two absolute rock stars. Mallika Dua (Makeup Didi) and Ssumier Pasricha (Pammi Aunty) have taken the internet by storm and we just can’t seem to get enough! Both Delhi-based and fabulous, know exactly how to have us in splits. If you aren’t obsessing over them yet, it’s about time you start.


Ssumier Pasricha, better known to most as Pammi Aunty (modelled around the stereotypical, boisterous Punjabi aunty) has got us all ridiculously charmed. Face-pack, hair rollers and the works, Ssumier has hit the nail on the head and we love ‘her’. There’s a reason they say it’s funny because it’s true!

Mallika Dua, had us hooked from the moment her ‘Shit People Say: Sarojini Nagar Edition’ video went viral. Her Snapchats, Instagram posts and Dubsmashes are absolutely hilarious and have made us fall in love with ‘Makeup Didi’, who lets us relive all our makeup atrocities and have an absolute blast while we do.



Drama Queen Pammi Auntyji in Jordan


Chai & Chillies in the Dead Sea with Pammi Aunty


Sea-Peacocks Look, All The Way!


Why You Don’t Understand? Pablo Pikachu, Makeup Didi!


Text: Aditi Shah


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