Types Of Bras Every Girl Needs

Finding an outfit is easy, we have all these posts on SC Live to help you get it right (read here). The hard part, especially with certain pieces of clothing is, what do you wear underneath! Finding the right bra to wear under your dresses and tops is important. You might be wearing the trendiest outfit in the room, but it won’t matter if your bra lands up ruining your look.

Well, we have a solution to that too! We headed to Lingerie Shop and picked out some bras that pretty much every girl needs. And yes, they’ll work under almost all your outfits.

The Seamless Bra

This is important for those skin-tight tops we like to wear sometimes. No lines show through and that seamless effect is key!

The Plunging Bra

Low necklines need a plunging bra, don’t you think? Something that’s low enough to show off that great cleavage without any sagging or peeking.

The Lacy Bra

This one is meant to be shown off. Yes, there’s a way to be classy about it. just a little peeking out of your shirt or the back of your tee will work wonders.

The Strapless Bra

Owning a strapless bra is a no-brainer. How else would you wear all those off-shoulder tops everyone is in love with today? Make sure yours is multifunctional and the detachable straps can be played around with!

You can find all these and more from Lingerie Shop at the StyleCracker Borough on the 25th and 26th of November at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse! RSVP here.