The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide: MOHA

Dear Bride-to-be,

While planning a wedding, picking the three important Ds- Date, Destination, and Dress can be the least of your worries. Looking your bridal best, radiant and drop-dead-gorgeous is what you should be focussing on weeks before the wedding invite goes out. We know you’re going to be a bride soon and to avoid all the last minute stress that obviously contributes heaps to your appearance, here’s Moha guiding you through this ultimate bridal beauty regime that leads you to look flawless on your big day!

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Fancy haircuts, flattering hair colours or the length, it isn’t going to look as great as you’d expect it to look if your hair isn’t maintained well. Dandruff, split ends, uneven hair length et cetera are the root causes for your hair to look dull. A few quick regimes by Moha products are something you must consider to get thick luscious tresses till your D-day!


Let nature give back to you what years of pollution, stress and urban living have taken away. Treat your skin to the goodness of Moha products before your wedding day for clear and glowing skin.


Before extensive manicures and nail art begin, make sure your nails are nourished enough to carry all the styles on your wedding day.


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