Want To Look Like Priyanka Chopra? Let This Blogger Show You How!

Who doesn’t want to look like Priyanka Chopra, am I right? The now International beauty is doing amazing things all over the world and you’ve got to agree, she looks fantastic while doing it. So getting her beauty look is definitely on everyone’s radar!

We all know and love Deepica Mutyala’s YouTube channel. Girl serves up some great tips and tricks along with looks we never dreamed of trying. For this video, she teamed up with fellow beauty lover, Kamila Bravo to create one of PC’s bronzy looks.

Press play!

The face they created was first done by Mario Dedivanovic, yes, Kim Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist and you’ve got to admit, they totally nailed the look!

Can you spot the difference?

Deepica makes it a point to mention all the products she used in the description of her video and she even lets you know where to buy them – yep, she thought of everything!