Ways to flaunt your bra

Ladies! many of us feel that it is tacky to let our bra straps show and since they are named underclothes; they should remain hidden. Having said that, all of us have those pretty and saccharine bras – that we simply adore – and wish we could show off. SC gives you ways to put your bralets to play without appearing dowdy.

Get Lace-y

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Pair contrast coloured bras with lace or crochet tops. They add a coquetry vibe to a bashful look as we get a glimpse of these bralets under the flowery lace. Don’t opt for nude bras, they don’t exactly match your skin tone and look ratty

Go Sheer

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Choose sheer or light coloured shirts to layer with one of your favourite printed bras. Try leopard prints, vibrant colours or striped bras under your sheer top, but if you are too wary then stick with black.

Get Strap-py

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Let your bra straps play hide and seek. Opt for vibrant coloured bras that would complement your outfit and bare the peppy straps as you pair them with a tank top or an off-shoulder top. Make sure you don’t wear your old tattered bras for this.

Play Peek-a-Boo


This technique works wonders for a first date. Just nonchalantly leave the top two-three buttons unbuttoned. It is a casual yet elegant look and would not make you appear mangy.

Experiment with Bandeaus


Opt for bright bandeaus for a gamine yet chic look. Pair these bright coloured bralets with your muscle tees or tank tops to loaf around in town.

Get Snazzy


Try the new nifty bralets with your tank tops. These actually add more craft to the outfit and can take them to from looking trite to bright. You can pair these strap-py bras with simple tops to up your style game.

Remember one thing lassies, though the show of your bra straps will make you feel empowered, don’t make the mistake of baring them at your workplace, you don’t want to face the HR’s wrath.